October 6, 2011

After months of silence due to moving and an intense schedule at Film Society of Lincoln Center, the blog is back! My apologies to everyone who was expecting regular posts over these few months but got nothing. Additionally, I would like to thank those of you who started following me, aka newcomers.

This first comeback post is not really related to film but it is an example of successful marketing, the power of Internet and word of mouth. A few weeks ago, PlayStation released a teaser called “‘Michael’ Live Long Play” with an apparent launch of a campaign on 10.5.2011. Yesterday, thanks to Kotaku, I quickly learned what is was: PlayStation’s way of thanking gamers (not just PS fans but all gamers) around the world with a trailer that includes some of the most famous characters from popular PlayStation games. Video games are basically useless without gamers, who give life to each character, build impressive fan communities and even able to influence developers. Sony, you’re too clever. Go to www.longliveplay.com for more information about the campaign.

Here is the trailer- if you can, watch it full screen in HD (preferably 1080p) for all its glory:

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