May 6, 2011
X-Men: First Class Character Videos!

According to, MTV has released three exclusive character videos featuring Sean Cassidy/Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones), Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till) and Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicolas Hoult), respectively. While they are short clips, we get to see a glimpse of these characters’ lives. Always exciting to watch new clips! X-Men: First Class will be out on 3 June 2011.


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Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

April 27, 2011

Newly released trailer of X-Men: First Class!

This trailer is shown exclusively on Yahoo. We all know X-Men series tend to be much darker than other superhero movies, but I think this installment will be the darkest in the series. A lot of new snippets with exciting visuals and dialogue! X-Men: First Class opens June 3rd, 2011. 

April 4, 2011
Arnie is BACK

(Courtesy of EW)

Since leaving office last January, people were wondering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s next move. There were no movie deals lined up, and he was being very vague about his future intentions. But then, on March 30, Entertainment Weekly ran an exclusive article and revealed that Arnie will be teaming up with comic book legend Stan Lee to create The Governator: an animated TV show and comic book. 

He is going to be a cartoon superhero!

Here is the recently released trailer for The Governator animated series. Though it will be released in 2012, there is no word on where the series will be aired.

Also, Arnold gave an exclusive interview ( to Entertainment Weekly, where he talks more about the project. However, to view the interview, you must “Like” EW’s Facebook page, since the video is for “Fans Only.” But it’s worth it!

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